Why Not To Skip A Home Inspection

Dated: August 9 2022

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In a highly competitive market, some buyers may take drastic measures like paying well above the listing price or fast-tracking the closing process. But the one thing you may not want to do is waive inspections.

Here are five ways waiving inspections can negatively affect your home purchase, according to RISMedia.com. 

  • You may be robbed of negotiating leverage you could have gained from discovering undisclosed problems. 

  • You won't know what kinds of costly repairs you could need to make. The home may not even be up to code. 

  • Your homeowners insurance may not cover the repair cost of pre-existing problems.

  • You may uncover health and safety hazards that put you and your family at risk, such as issues with the structure, foundation, electricity, or plumbing. 

  • You may be sacrificing the peace of mind that comes from getting professional inspections. 

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