Amenities Buyers Are Seeking For

Dated: August 6 2022

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Buyer know what they want: Homes that are move-in ready and designed for active lifestyles. According to, buyers say they are looking for these specific amenities. 

  • Today's fitness-conscious buyers enjoy outdoor activities like boating, jogging or golfing. They gravitate towards neighborhoods that can accommodate their active lifestyles. 

  • Water features like pools and hot tubs rank high on the wish list. 

  • Most buyers want to move right in without hassling with repairs or renovations. 

  • Even when they're indoors, buyers want to feel connected to nature.  Cathedral ceilings, oversize windows and outdoor living spaces satisfy their desire for natural views.

  • Buyers seek beautiful views, especially when they overlook bodies of water. 

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Karin Waterschoot-Perez

Executive Vice President of Sales Experienced Realtor, Karin Waterschoot-Perez, currently serves buyers and sellers located in and around Franklin County. With over 19 years of experience in the re....

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