Granny Flats An Update On The Mother In Law Suite

Dated: October 30 2021

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A granny flat is a mini Apartment or stand-alone dwelling adjacent to a house that provides a home for an aging relative, nanny or other family member. 

Here are five benefits of providing a granny flat for a loved one. 

AFFORDABLE HOUSING - compared to purchasing or renting a full size home or apartment, a granny flat can be a more affordable option. 

ADDED SECURITY - because granny flats are located on properties with other residents, occupants are typically more secure than they would be living on their own. 

HEALTH CAR SUPPORT -  a granny flat offers the opportunity to provide for the health care needs of a loved one while also allowing for continued independence. 

EXTRA HELP - if the occupant of your granny flat is capable, he or she may enjoy helping with household duties such as child care. cooking, cleaning, or gardening. 

INCOME OPPORTUNITY - depending on the situation, you may be able to charge the occupant of your granny flat rent to supplement your own income and help cover expenses.

Before you take the leap into creating a granny flat, be aware that municipal statutes, neighborhood covenants and zoning laws may prohibit building and additional structure on your property. 

Converting a garage or renovating an existing space inside your home may be an easier and less expensive option than new construction. You might also consider adding a prefabricated building, 

if allowed by your city.

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