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Real Estate in South Florida...Unpredictable

I have been selling real estate in South Florida for 30 years now and August is always our season for local buyers who

have lived in their homes to raise their children and have become empty nesters and want an active life style. This is also the time

in summer when families raising children want to move before the new school year and purchase the homes the empty nesters are

selling.  This market is not predictable the way it has been for all my years in the business; people just are not moving due to

lack of inventory. Rates are never better but if there isn't any inventory for the empty nesters to move to then

there also will not be inventory for the families to move to.  We also have had a lot of rain and storm activity so far

this year that hinders any one looking for homes.  If you are moving or know someone who is moving; make sure you have

something in place or you may just have to rent back your home, have to move in with your relatives or

try to rent until something comes on the market.  

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Susan Doyle

I have been in the Real Estate profession for over 30 years now. I began with an entry-level position in a small office located in east Boynton. I was catching on quick to the new world of technology....

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