The Old Dog In Real Estate

Dated: July 6 2021

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Never too old to teach a dog new tricks!  I have been selling real estate in my area for 30 years and consider myself on top of technology more than most my age.  When I get stuck and don't have time to do a Youtube, I just go to a young person in the office or my 8 year old granddaughter.  I joined this new company,  Plum Tree Realty, thanks to my dear childhood friend Candy and WOWZA is all I can say to learning.  I have learned more about marketing in one week than I have learned my entire career.  Guess I was spoiled having great farm areas and referrals for so many years.  But my clientele has all aged out and I am left to

learn so much.  BUT, thanks to the classes and the Plum Tree Team I have found it quite easy to learn, now I just have to put it all to work....Here I go, wish me luck!  

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Susan Doyle

I have been in the Real Estate profession for over 30 years now. I began with an entry-level position in a small office located in east Boynton. I was catching on quick to the new world of technology....

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