Be The Neighborhood Expert Plant Yourself And Farm

Dated: December 3 2019

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By Chris M Johnson - Realtor Lexington, KY 

“Be the neighborhood Real Estate know it all!” I was once told this by a Real Estate Coach. My initial impression of this statement was that nobody likes a know it all! However, when it comes to branding yourself as the neighborhood specialist, you need to know it all! Granted, you don’t want to come across as condescending, but make sure you know your facts!

Yes, When farming a neighborhood be sure you have your facts straight such as recent sales data, whats on the market, average days on the market, list to sale price etc and trends. When people hire a realtor they depend on your input and let’s face there is a lot riding on what you say. Knowing your facts is the beginning of establishing a solid working relationship with your clients throughout the buying and selling process.

In order to set yourself up as the neighborhood Real Estate specialist not only do you need to know your facts, but people have to know who you are. How can you establish a presence in the zip code of your choosing? In my opinion, nothing beats good old fashioned sweat equity! Boots to the ground and knuckles to the door. People have to see your face and see it often. Some realtors will walk a neighborhood and leave a few door hangers and never come back again. This approach is lazy. I knock on every door with the objective of having a face to face conversation. I try to knock when people are at home in the late evenings and weekends and I keep it brief. 15-30 seconds and I am done unless someone wants to talk some more. “Hello, my name is… and I live close by. I am a realtor with… Who do you know that may be looking to buy or sell a house within the next year? (Yes I say a year because this lets them know that you are not in it for a quick fix) If I get the “nobody that I can think of" response” Then I leave a card and tell them that I will see them soon because I am in the neighborhood often. That’s it, 15-30 seconds, you are done and you have left an impression. Then when they see you back in a few months they know you are a serious realtor!

Another way to establish a neighborhood presence is to follow up door knocking with mailers such as postcards from past sales, open houses etc. Make sure that your mugshot is on it as they will continue seeing your face with the name. Keep sowing seeds!

In summary, the key to being the neighborhood “know it all” and successfully picking up listings and clients is to; know your facts, keep sowing seeds, plant yourself and cultivate the territory. A successful farmer or gardener just doesn’t plant the seed but they water it, fertilize it, pull the weeds etc. It is only after all this hard work that they can reap the fruitage. This is why we call it farming.

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