5 Ways To Add Attractive Value To Your Home

Dated: 12/03/2018

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These 5 improvements can enhance your own enjoyment, as well as increase your property's value at resale time, according to HouseLogic.com. 

  1. Crown Molding - it can make a room feel bigger, taller and more elegant. Wood molding are available in a variety of styles that can be stained, painted or left natural. Some molding feature indirect LED soft lighting.

  2. Ceiling Fan - updating your ceiling fans can enhance the entire look of a room.  Go with a quality fan with the energy star label to get the best cooling results and least amount of noise. A hugger ceiling fan that's flush-mounted is ideal for rooms with a low ceiling height. 

  3. Mature Trees - A mature tree can add between $1,000-$10,000 to the appraised value of a property. Trees growing along the street in the front of a house can increase its resale by an average of more than $8500, according to numerous studies of appraisal reports. 

  4. Landscape Lighting - A well-lit exterior can highlight the most attractive features of your property as well as help to deter would -be burglars.  In addition, many homeowners insurance policies offer lower rates for motion=sensor lighting systems. 

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