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Dated: April 10 2018

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If you have a home for sale or condo for sale, you probably have questions about the local real estate market. At Plum Tree Real Estate I provide services to help people with a house for sale in Dayton, Cincinnati, and the surrounding communities.

At any given time, the real estate market can be described as a buyer’s market or seller’s market, depending on whether the conditions are favorable for buyers or sellers. In a seller’s market, there are more buyers than available properties, which makes it easier to sell a house quickly and for a better price. For obvious reasons, people with houses for sale or condominiums for sale prefer a seller’s market.

Current Market Conditions for Homes for Sale

As your Realtor, I am here to help you get the best price for your home and avoid unnecessary financial loss. I can provide updated information about changes in the local market and advise you about things you can do to market your house for the best price given the current real estate market conditions.

if you have a house for sale, or are a buyer looking to purchase a home, lets get together! Check out Plumtree's homes for sale at 

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